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4animals: Welcome the New Year’s New Triumvirate! – Issue 19


Kim CluneA Note from Kim Clune…

With the passage of time comes inevitable change and I’m thrilled about the new changes coming to Be the Change for Animals.

When BtC was merely a breath of a thought, an idea without substance, I always envisioned a community-led animal advocacy project, one that would often change hands.

Let me share a quote from my proposal written before our website existed, a quote about the importance of the constant shift of energy and growth of a vision:

This not only keeps the movement from being directed by any one group, but it keeps fresh ideas flowing and fosters that larger sense of community … I want to create a vehicle to reconvene that larger sense of community. I want to carry the BtC torch and pass it forward.

There were many attempts to keep BTC fresh and in constant motion, but a single person to lead that charge tends to accentuate limitations rather than expand the effort. My wish for BTC becoming a strong movement is now finally coming to fruition, which means that my 2+ years launching this project has come to an end.

But this is no end.

Welcome to the beginning of the greatest social experiment that I have ever had the privilege to be part of. While I will forever remain a humble member of your community, it takes a great leap of faith to give up full control, to trust in my successors, and to believe that the BTC mission is one strong enough to survive. I assure you, I have that faith.

Please Welcome the New Triumvirate!


Vicky Cook  Kim Thomas  Peggy Frezon

Vicki Cook, Kim Thomas and Peggy Frezon have devoted a great deal of time and love in developing this project by my side, and they’ve agreed to carry the BtC torch forward together. Their commitment has been unwavering and BTC could never have come so far without them. It is now time to watch them spread their wings and fly. And with the rest of our valuable volunteer crew by their sides, I have no doubt that they’ll take BTC to heights not yet seen.

Without further ado, I leave you – and the animals we fight to protect – in good, solid, capable hands.


Let the infusion of new life and breath begin!
Good things are coming…

Kim Clune

About Author

Kim CluneKim Clune co-founded Be the Change for Animals in May of 2010 to coalesce the online community of enthusiastic animal advocates. Acting locally, Kim co-founded Dog House Adoptions to serve stray dogs and often heal people of New York’s Capital Region through the bond of unconditional love. She also celebrates many special human/animal connections through her personal blog, This One Wild Life, writing, photographing and sharing videos since 2009.View all posts by Kim Clune →

  1. bringingupbella

    Wow – you couldn’t have picked a better team to carry on your efforts, Kim. Congratulations on building an incredible community and action network. And best of luck to you as you move on to new projects. Your vision is obviously in good hands.

    • Kim Clune
      Kim Clune01-15-2013

      Thank you for your kind words. This is a wonderful community and I have been so lucky to witness it’s growth. The work of the collective group is making change, and providing a vehicle for that change has been a true honor – one worthy for the next folks in line to hold as well.

  2. askfisher

    Kim, you have created something very beautiful. We wish you lots of success and happiness as you move to new adventures.

    • Kim Clune
      Kim Clune01-15-2013

      Jobi, thank you. I’m probably never going to leave BTC4animals entirely, but I’m so grateful to our wonderfully capable team for allowing me to step down catch my breath. It’s nice to continue in an advisory capacity without sweating the weekly details.

      I wish you success and happiness in your adventures, too. I’m so sorry about the passing of Fisher, your muse, but I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to continue with your letters. Muses can surely be otherworldly and still inspirational.

  3. Pam

    Kim, just wanted to say good luck to you! I think just by what you wrote in your closing, that you are such an amazing human being, animal lover and have alot of class. These days, many people aren’t as open and trusting as you to turn over the reigns to other people. Just goes to show that you are a true person, that respects and trusts in others, new ideas and difference opinions. That is an amazing quality in a person and also speaks to your entire team and your faith in them.
    Bravo to you! And bravo to you for starting this amazing cause and to your entire team
    as well!
    All the luck in the world!
    Pam, Michigan

    • Kim Clune
      Kim Clune01-15-2013

      It’s very kind of you to say, Pam. Thank you. Coming from you, one of the animal advocates I most admire, I am humbled.

      The transfer of leadership feels nothing but natural. It’s nice to still be involved, but not at the helm. Team BTC is my family and they’ve been so heavily involved for so long, they quickly picked up the finer points of management. In fact, they are rocking it.

      Funny how this shift makes me enjoy participating so much more. I can do so when I want to with all the passion in the world, not because I have to. I look forward to sticking around in some capacity always, especially as this new energy invigorates us all!

      Thanks for all you do at the Michigan Animal Adoption Network/Animal Care Network. Meeting people like you is a huge part of what makes this project so special to me.

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