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How It Works

Our Mission: To Help You Help Animals

BtC4Animals offers a monthly link list of timely animal causes, none of which require money or more than 5 minutes to complete. These are published on the 15 of each month — but for during Blog the Change events in January, April, July and October. Now you can subscribe to just one blog. Ours. And you’ll still get the best content.

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Your Mission: Take Action

Our core foundation is YOU. Sign a petition or join a letter-writing campaign for the protection of voiceless domesticated pets, farm animals and wildlife. By joining together with like-minded folks using a strong, collective voice, we’ll accelerate the change we make at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm!

Be, Blog and Read the Change Events

Blog the Change is for writers and readers alike. It takes place quarterly on the 15th of  January, April, July, and October every year. Gain insight into the animal welfare landscape as reported by those in the community. Your participation or even a rallying comment makes a difference in keeping the spirit of change alive.

Have a blog? Join us in any way that inspires you. Write about actions you have taken personally. Promote a shelter in need. Publicly announce new commitments and inspire others to join you. This is your chance to rally people around a cause near and dear to your heart.

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The Resource List

We host a directory of animal organizations you can visit from one central place. These are the organizations from which we pool our action alerts so you can learn more about them at any time. If you’d like to sign up for their alerts directly, we invite you to fully support their work in every way you can.