Amy Burkert

Amy is a co-founder of the award-winning pet travel website,, a free resource for all the pet friendly information needed to travel with pets throughout the US and Canada. She and her husband spend much of their time traveling in a Winnebago with their dogs, Ty and Buster. Their blog, Take Paws, is an encyclopedia of pet travel tips, pet friendly destination advice, and humorous tales of the couple’s dog friendly adventures.

Do You Know A Pet Owner In Need?

Champion A Pet

Shelters are bursting with pets surrendered by owners in dire financial straits who feel they have no other option. Champion A Pet’s mission is to help people and pets avoid that heartbreak. By spreading the word, you’ll bring together pet owners with no where else to turn and generous donors with the ability to help.

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Why It Matters

Pet Owner and his DogEven when times are good, there are people struggling with pet care costs. Loss of a job, a house fire, medical bills, or a hundred other misfortunes can put a major strain on a family’s finances. But, when the economy takes a dip, more families are thrown into precarious positions. The evidence is there – many shelters are bursting with pets surrendered by distraught owners who can’t afford food, medical or other pet related expenses. Hopeless, these people feel there is no where else to turn.

Champion A Pet is working to solve that problem by building a social giving platform where people in a position to help can locate those in need. The generosity of complete strangers will allow pets to stay in loving homes with their families and at the same time alleviate the burden on the overcrowded shelters. We’re asking you to spread the word … to those in need and those who can help.

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