Blog the Change: January 15th

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Blog the Change: January 15th

Blog the Change with BtC4animals.comBlog the Change for Animals takes place this week, so let’s gear up!

On January 15, blog about a cause near and dear to your heart, inspire the involvement of your readership, and share that vision here with the BtC community! This event positively impacts animals and advocates one-on-one.


1. Grab the badge. Visit Paste the code from our sidebar to your blog’s sidebar. This lets folks know you’re taking part and how they can too.

2. Share. Post this to Facebook  and Twitter:

JAN 15: BLOG THE CHANGE FOR ANIMALS! – Get the badge & spread the word! #BtC

3. Write your blog post on January 15. Support your favorite cause, shelter, foster or friend. Need more ideas? Revisit previous causes on Many can still use your help. Whatever you decide:

    • Make a fresh commitment to act on behalf of animals
    • Inspire others to do the same
    • Spread the word

4. Add your link on On October 15 at 12:01 AM EST, a link list will appear below.  Add your blog’s name and post URL – not your main domain – so others can find your cause.

5.  Share the good will. Visit listings throughout the day and offer support where you can. Remember, a kind word can make a difference! Share your post on Twitter (hashtag #BtC), Facebook and email friends too.

Extra credit: Click “Get the Code” at the end of the list and paste it at the bottom of your blog post. While not required, this hosts the list on your site too, generating traffic to and from your page.

  1. Tony Angel
    Tony Angel01-13-2011

    This is fantastic! I am so inspired by this Blog, now if I can just figure out how to grab the badge so I can add it to Tenzings Blog I’ll be a happy camper.

  2. Lizzy

    Oh, this is a great idea! I hope I can re-find all this info. I have waaaaaaayyyyyy toooooo many folders with tooooooo much stuff saved, & often have trouble finding what I’m looking for.

    But, I guess it beats not saving the link at all, eh? 😉

    I am way behind on the kitties’ blog, and very remiss in my blog-visiting duties….but I am on FaceBook just about every day…hopefully, there will be reminders….

  3. pet toys
    pet toys04-22-2011

    This is great! You may also be interested in Pit Bulls: Villains or Victims. The whole book is great ammunition against BSL, and it makes a case for the danger in targeting the dogs when it is really the people who would abuse these dogs that are dangerous to our communities, especially to our children. The book started out as a master’s thesis for a forensic science program, so it is well-researched and documented. I have to admit I edited it, but I really did learn a lot about the issues surrounding pit bulls and how detrimental to our society these laws are.

  4. pet toys
    pet toys04-22-2011

    Nice post! Y’know there are so many people who bemoan the animal injustices in the world…but who do nothing. They may not have the time to commit to working at a shelter, may not have the extra funds to donate to a cause….but i feel like writing a letter is something that most people could find the time and funds to do… great reminder of the importance of something so simple, something so easy.


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