4animals Stories to Inspire – Issue 17

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4animals Stories to Inspire – Issue 17


Welcome to 4animals, our monthly newsletter. Marvel at the majesty of the animal kingdom and feel inspired before another month of animal advocacy. Enjoy!

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You, the animal advocate community, raised $5000 for rescue pets at BarkWorld thanks to Petco’s sponsorship! Fiona is a small white poodle found in South LA’s trash. Her transformation is one of many that sculpted the life of Eldad Hagar.


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Making a Real Dollar Difference for Rescue Pets

by Kim Clune

Thank You!

This month, 4animals features you


Wracked with emotion in front of BarkWorld Expo attendees, conference founder Denise Quashie gripped her microphone tightly as she fought to retain composure. She recalls, “I almost went into ugly cry.” What she had to say was bigger than we had imagined.

Earning $1 for each tweet or blog post featuring the hash tag #BTC4A (short for Be the Change for Animals), your participation this week earned roughly $2500 for rescue pets from Petco. Just before Denise drew three winning rescues nominated by conference attendees, Katherine “Kat” Smith whispered that Petco would donate a full $5000 on behalf of animals in need. It was an overwhelming surprise, indeed.

As Kat now reflects:

Working with the wonderful pet lovers and influencers at BarkWorld showed me how effective we all can be.

That’s right. YOU made the difference.


Barkworld and Be the Change for Animals couldn’t have partnered with a better sponsor. Petco has developed a program called Think Adoption First, offering a gift booklet of $200 in coupons to all new adoptive pet parents showing their adoption paperwork. They also have a Food Drive and Tree of Hope campaigns to further help pets in need.


When rescue recipients were drawn and those who nominated them tearfully accepted their $1666.66 grants, passion permeated the entire room. As Denise notes:

Those outside the rescue community may think $5000 isn’t a lot of money but, for small organizations without the ear of large donors, it helps a great deal.

Rescue organizations desperately need cash for vaccinations, spays, neuters, treatment of injuries and illness – expenses that adoption fees don’t fully cover. Offering a real-life numbers from the dog rescue I helped found, $5000 funds 25 spays or 32 neuters – with accompanying heartworm tests and wellness checks for each. This matters.


Donations: Photo by KristineTonks

Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation | Lamar, CO
Nominated by: Amber Carlto (pictured above)

Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue | Tampa FL
Nominated by: Christie Zizo

Kitten Associates | Newton, CT
Nominated by: Joanne McGonagle

Petco’s cash donations help the above organizations to function without restriction. We know that Kitten Associates has some power outage issues since superstorm Sandy came through. Whatever the most pressing need, we are so very happy to help.


You are a powerful force for good. I’m so grateful for every one of your tweets and blog posts, for BarkWorld hosting the event that brought us together, for Petco’s generous donation and constant focus on adoption, for my tremendous team at Be the Change for Animals, and for Felissa Hadas of Two Little Cavaliers for rolling our project into the the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop. Together, we all made real change in the rescue trenches.

Most sincerely,
Kim Clune


An open invitation to all pet owners: You don’t have to be in rescue to join Petco’s new pet community, The Pet Talk Place. And be sure to tweet your pet’s Santa letter using the hashtag #DearPetco throughout the holidays. As Kat says, “You never know what you might get if you hashtag your pet’s wishes!”

BarkWorld  Petco

BtC4Animals     Two Little Cavaliers


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Once Left for Trash, Fiona is Rescued, Named Dog of the Year 2012

By Peggy Frezon

Fiona - HopeforPaws.org

Fiona’s story might break your heart—but there’s a happy ending.

Fiona is a small white poodle. She was found in South LA, huddled behind a broom and some rubbish near a cement wall of a parking lot. She was so filth, she looked like just another piece of trash. But Eldad Hagar knew this being was anything but trash.

Eldad Hagar, along with his wife Audrey, are founders of Hope for Paws. They’ve been fostering hundreds of animals in their home. Eldad understands dogs.

Eldad and Audrey HagarPets are not items that can be thrown away or exchanged for younger models. Animals are sentient beings who feel pain, love, joy, mourning, and loss.

When they spotted Fiona, they could tell that she was blind in both eyes. Very gently, they let her smell them, patted her, and picked her up. The terrified dog may have never been treated kindly before in her life. They took her home, shaved her matted fur, treated her flea infestation, and bathed her. I can only imagine how good it must have felt to be relieved from all that dirt and grime and that itchy, painful condition.

The vet confirmed that she was 100% blind but—amazingly, he was able to perform surgery and restore vision in one eye!

The transformation is amazing: a terrified, filthy, nearly­­-lifeless, blind dog through love transformed to a clean, healthy, frisky, tail-wagging Fiona. She’s been adopted into a happy new family. Thanks to the amazing work of Eldad Hagar, who sees that every dog deserves love.

Watch the video of Fiona’s rescue. (Grab your tissues).

Fiona will be receiving her “Dog of the Year” Award on November 8th. Those in the NYC area can meet Fiona on November  8th, 5-7pm at the Sheraton New York, 811 7th Avenue.

You can see more rescues on the Hope for Paws website and Facebook page.

Note: While Peggy Frezon independently wrote this piece, BTC’s Director Kim Clune had the honor of meeting Eldad at BarkWorld Expo last weekend. This special little dog and dogs just like her are why Eldad devotes his every free moment to helping animals in need. The animal connection is powerful and the effects of rescue are life-changing. Thank you, Eldad, for opening yourself to Fiona, allowing her to enter your heart and life’s mission forever.




To the storm victims up and down the East Coast, you are rooted deeply in our thoughts. Many animals have been displaced. To our readers, please, help a rescue in these areas any way you can.


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