March 28: BtC Month in Review

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March 28: BtC Month in Review


Be the Change

Our collective voice for animals in need just grew 515% stronger thanks to a Facebook promotion sponsored by Now THAT is something to celebrate! Thank you for joining our amazing network of animal advocates who take action each week to help homeless, abused and endangered animals – without ever spending a cent.

Let’s raise the roof for animals with viral lift!


Blog the ChangeLet’s Blog the Change! Share, read and comment around the blog circuit about animal causes near and dear to your heart. Haven’t got a blog? Share your story in our blog’s comments.

BtC co-founder Amy Burkert poses a terrific challenge this time. Commit to a specific, hands-on action for animals in need within your local community and share that experience on April 15th. Imagine the inspiration we can be when we lead the way – together.

Thank you to Brian’s Home and Moxie Paws for getting the jump on spreading the word!

BARK OUT LOUD WEEKLY: Dog. Friendly. Conversation.

Bark Out Loud WeeklyDog lovers, learn how to foster the best possible relationship between you and your dog. Bark Out Loud Weekly, our new sister site, offers lively, informative podcast interviews and chats with knowledgeable dog experts.

Listen on weekends and chat live with special weekly guests on Mondays, 9:15 PM EDT. Follow Bark Out Loud Weekly on Facebook or Twitter for the latest!


Big CatIndiana allows private ownership of exotic animals like lions, tigers, cougars, ocelots, wolves, bears, alligators, and nonhuman primates. Exotic animals belong in their natural habitat. If individuals among us feel the need to confine these wild animals for their own entertainment, then we need laws to stop them.

Sign the petition calling for an exotic pet ban in Indiana and share. With 544 signatures, we’re half way there!

BAD RAPBAD RAP ’s Donna Reynolds and Tim Racer turned the Michael Vick dog-fight tragedy into a hard-earned opportunity to dispel the myths surrounding loyal, loving pit bull and pit bull mix breeds. The Honest Kitchen, makers of dehydrated, human-grade whole foods for dogs and cats, will donate a percentage of online store profits to BAD RAP this month.

That donation would have doubled had THK reached 40K Facebook fans in March. BAD RAP will still get their original donation from THK and you can still help BAD RAP…

– Listen to and share Bark Out Loud Weekly’s interview “After Vick: What Have We Learned?” to learn more about BAD RAP and the amazing work they do.
– Visit, and follow BAD RAP on Facebook and  Twitter.

Every sentient being deserves humane treatment. Farm Sanctuary works to protect farm animals from cruelty, to inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and to promote compassionate living. Through shelters in Watkins Glen, New York and Orland, California, Farm Sanctuary also provides lifelong care for hundreds of rescued farm animals.

While many  commented and shared on Facebook, action is still necessary.

– Please join Farm Sanctuary’s Advocacy Campaign Team (ACT) for alerts on ways to help in your area.
– Send this letter to Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, asking for stricter regulations in slaughterhouses and production facilities.
– And visit the Activist Toolkit.

It’s never too late. The animals always need you.


If you’ve covered one of BtC4A’s featured causes, share your link in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or by using #BtC4A on Twitter. Nothing make us happier than promoting your efforts!


See you next week!

Kim and Amy

…and the whole BtC Team! never asks you to spend a cent, just a few minutes of your time.
It’s the greatest gift you can give.

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Submit your animal cause today!
– Spread the word. Share this link!

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