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  • John Hargrove

    Take Action for Animals! Featuring John Hargrove of Blackfish Fame – #BTC4A

    Welcome to Take Action for Animals! Issue #2, your September alert! Spend just a few moments and never a cent to make a difference for animals in need!  

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  • Roasting chickens rescued from a toppled truck by Catskill Farm Sanctuary

    Take Action for Animals! Your August Alert is Here! #BTC4A

    Welcome to Take Action for Animals! Issue #1, your August alert! Spend just a few moments and never a cent to make a difference for animals in need!  

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  • Vote With Your Plate: Let Bluefin Tuna Off the Hook

    Bluefin tuna is a highly valuable ocean species; however, due to long-term practices of overfishing, their numbers are in rapid decline. Since 1970 it is estimated that 80 percent of the Bluefin tuna population has been depleted. Even though this species is in dire need …

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  • Tell Farmers Insurance to leave breed discrimination out of its policies!

    This year, Farmers Insurance introduced breed restrictions into some of its policies. This sort of breed discrimination unfairly penalizes dogs based on how they look rather than how they behave. You can help now by urging Farmers Insurance to give all dogs a fair chance …

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  • Speak up for Dogs without a Voice: Help Ban Devocalization

    To resolve problem barking, some dogs are subjected to devocalization – an invasive surgery which involves cutting an animal’s vocal chords. Devocalization can cause physical and psychological harm to the animal, and many groups are working to help put an end to this unnecessary and …

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  • Help Set Limba the Elephant Free!

    We all know that elephants are used in circuses around the world. Many circus elephants suffer from poor living conditions and unspeakable cruelty and abuse. One Canadian elephant, Limba, has suffered for nearly all of her 48 years performing in a circus and at other …

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  • Take Action Now to Save the Polar Bear

    Five years ago polar bears were officially protected under the Endangered Species Act. This listing was a large victory for the Center of Biological Diversity, and the culmination of many years of work. Unfortunately, their original efforts were not enough. Polar bears are still dying. …

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  • Don’t Support Dog Racing: Stand Up For Greyhounds!

    This week Team BTC welcomes Jenny Threet, the human behind  You can read more about Jenny, her pets and her blog on the Team BTC page. Dog racing may be considered an exciting sport to some, but for the dogs it’s a miserable existence. They …

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  • Keep American Horses Safe from Slaughter

    This horrible reality may be difficult to believe–lab tests recently confirmed that horse meat was found in packages labeled as beef products in some European grocery stores. When horses are slaughtered, or even sold off due to injury, illness, or old age, unscrupulous “kill buyers” …

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  • Please Care About the Caribou

    The U.S. State Department’s third review of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline fails to address the pipeline’s serious threat to wildlife, including the highly endangered woodland caribou. As the 45 day period for public comment progresses we need to fight to protect the caribou, and …

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