Help Set Limba the Elephant Free!

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Help Set Limba the Elephant Free!


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We all know that elephants are used in circuses around the world. Many circus elephants suffer from poor living conditions and unspeakable cruelty and abuse. One Canadian elephant, Limba, has suffered for nearly all of her 48 years performing in a circus and at other events. She needs to be set free and you can help.

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Why It Matters

The average lifespan of an Asian elephant working in the timber industry is 41 years, but for elephants living in zoos, the average lifespan decreases by 22 years– to just 19 years. Stress, lack of exercise and obesity are often causes for shortened life spans. Limba has already outlived both those statistics and deserves to be set free to enjoy the remainder of her life.

Born in 1964, Limba has spent nearly all of her life performing in circus acts and at other public events. She was only one year old when she was taken from her family, beaten, chained and shipped overseas to a zoo in Canada. Since then, she continues to perform, despite nearing the end of her life. Limba is elderly and reported to be in poor condition.

Limba’s cause has gained the support of the Kebek Animal Rights Association (KARA) as well as many loyal Canadians who have protested at many of Limba’s performances, including one on June 2nd of this year.

The three entities that have the power to set Limba free:

  • Zoo de Bowmanville
  • Cirque Mondo
  • Parc Safari

Please sign the petition and ask them to set Limba free. It’s time. It is way past time. Limba deserves her freedom.

Video of the trainer using a bull hook on Limba during her performances.

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Mel FreerMel has been an active cause scout and BTC contributor since June 2011. She made her writing debut during our October-long campaign against puppy mills. Mel’s yellow lab, Daisy, is rescued mill dog – #201. Mel is a former pet sitter and dog walker from St Paul, Minnesota. Before becoming a pet sitter, she volunteered at the Minnesota Valley Humane Society (MVHS) for 8 years as a dog walker and Star program trainer. In her time at MVHS, she fostered 4 dogs, failing with three – Daisy, Jasper and Lady (her present dogs). She also has a cat, named Nick. Visit Mel at all posts by Mel Freer →

  1. Valerie

    Unspeakable. Put her somewhere she will be protected from humans, the most cunning of all predators, and the most cruel.

  2. Yvette McNeese
    Yvette McNeese06-10-2013

    This is a case of good intentions but piss poor planning. Animals raised in captivity can not just put back into the wild. They do not know how to survive on their own and would die. Only animals preserves would able to care for an elephant and even that’s not a certainty. What you are doing is right just make sure to plan well.

    • Theresa Pilon
      Theresa Pilon07-27-2013

      No one EVER said to put Limba in the wild!

  3. Judith Boroniec
    Judith Boroniec06-17-2013

    Could you imagine asking your elderly relative to perform? This is what is happening to poor Limba!

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