Tell Farmers Insurance to leave breed discrimination out of its policies!

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Tell Farmers Insurance to leave breed discrimination out of its policies!

Jodi the Pit Bull

Just another “dangerous” dog…

This year, Farmers Insurance introduced breed restrictions into some of its policies. This sort of breed discrimination unfairly penalizes dogs based on how they look rather than how they behave. You can help now by urging Farmers Insurance to give all dogs a fair chance by adopting breed-neutral policies.

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Why It Matters:

Many dogs, such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, face an uphill battle against misinformation. They are subject to prejudice and fear from people who have heard rumors about these “dangerous breeds.” Breed specific policies feed this prejudice, reinforcing the baseless belief that dogs of these breeds are inherently bad. Can you imagine if your insurance company could exclude you from coverage simply because you have a big head, are muscular, or simply “look threatening”? That’s basically what breed restrictive policies do to dogs.

Earlier this year, Farmers began introducing breed restrictions into some of its policies. These restrictions affect Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Wolf Hybrids, and their mixes, excluding those breeds from certain types of coverage. Policies of this type have generally been opposed by major dog-related organizations, and for good reason.  Judging dogs on appearance instead of behavior is largely ineffective. In addition, it reinforces harmful stereotypes, which results in innocent dogs being surrendered to shelters or being overlooked by potential adopters and – in some cases – losing their lives.

Although the petition acknowledges that Farmers has not implemented breed restrictions in all of its policies at this time, the introduction of these changes in some areas means that Farmers is no longer friendly to all breeds.  If Farmers Insurance really wants to reduce its liability to keep rates low for customers, it should judge dogs by their behavior rather than appearance.  As Nicole Edwards, the creator of this petition, has said, “give us a chance to show you that we are responsible dog owners.”

Sign this petition, and tell Farmers Insurance to stop judging breeds based on misinformation and unfair stereotypes. All dogs deserve a chance.

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