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Raise awareness about painful and unnecessary tail docking in dogs with just a click!

Help Save Dogs from Painful Tail Docking

Raise awareness about painful and unnecessary tail docking in dogs with just a click!

No Tail Left Behind is dedicated to educating people about the suffering that dogs endure when their tails are docked. These cosmetic procedures cause a great deal of pain and suffering for countless dogs – with just a click, you can raise awareness about painful and unnecessary tail docking and show your commitment to banning this practice.

Act Now! 

Why It Matters

Many view tail docking as a simple cosmetic procedure, designed to help dogs conform to a breed standard. However, tail docking involves the severing of tendons, spinal vertebrae, muscles, and nerves.

Although some dogs suffer no long-term damage, the pain from a docked tail can stick with some dogs for a lifetime. A docked tail can result in stabbing tail pain and stinging nerve pain at the docking site. Even the simplest action, like wagging the tail in greeting, can result in sharp pain. Corrective surgery may be necessary to improve the dog’s quality of life.

The video below provides one real-life example of the pain tail docking can cause. The campaign was inspired by this dog, Pixel Blue Eyes, who has suffered from docked tail pain for years and recently had surgery in hopes of providing some relief.:


Is achieving a certain look worth the risk of pain and suffering? Dogs experiencing docked tail pain cannot fully enjoy life – accordingly, many other countries have already banned tail docking. The No Tail Left Behind Campaign was started to educate people about this issue and to advocate for the end of cosmetic tail docking in the U.S. The motto of the  campaign is “every dog deserves a tail.” As the campaign’s founder notes:

A dog’s tail is an integral part of their communication, emotion, balance, and even proper bowel control. We must think of the ultimate comfort, health and well being of the dog, not the right of humans to ‘alter a dog’ by removing part of their spine.

Please spread this important message to raise awareness about the dangerous side of cosmetic tail docking.

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  1. Hairless Cat Girl
    Hairless Cat Girl03-22-2013

    Hi BTC,

    Cosmetic reasons are pure human vanity and it’s not ethically viable. Same is true with ear docking.

    Personally, I think tail docking looks like a lump of poop. I don’t see the visual appeal at all.

    The spinal vertebrae severing is the part that concerns me the most. Though there may not be any obvious discomfort or apparent long term damage, I’m sure that it causes significant problems in a best case scenario and a potential moderate or serious damage in the worst cases.

    Dogs and cats probably suffer untold nerve damage and the other issues you’ve mentioned. Never mess with the spine.

    Yes, please stop tail and ear docking. It’s nothing but damaging and cruel mutilation.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

    • No Tail Left Behind (@NoTailLeftBhind)
      No Tail Left Behind (@NoTailLeftBhind)03-25-2013

      Thank you so much Hairless Cat Girl, for your comment! Messing with the spine, removing part of it, is so wrong for “cosmetic purposes” or “breed standard”. No Tail Left Behind will not stop until tail docking (and ear cropping) is banned in the U.S. and hopefully Canada. Please join us by “LIKING” our page on Facebook and following us on Twitter.
      Jenny Lewis & Pixel Blue Eyes

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