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Our Story

Our Inspiration

In March of 2010, more than 50 bloggers partook in an experiment, the Be the Change Challengechoosing one day of action and blogging about a plethora of animal needs.

The long list of creative, ambitious and actionable solutions offered a tangible feeling of solidarity to make the world a better place for animals in need. What was missing was a way to reconnect.

The Spark that Ignited a Movement

Inspired by the strength and support of this passionate animal community, Kim Clune of  This One Wild Life wanted to recapture the energy of that day, to create a central place to report back to, and to share information regularly, bringing people together to make a difference for all animals, domestic and wild. Kim shared her thoughts with Amy Burkert of, and together, they felt an unmistakable energy, a creative fire, and the determination to bring their ideas to fruition.

Within the scope of a year, volunteer writers and cause scouts coalesced to from Team BTC4A, making this a community-run website managed by Kim Clune with valuable, democratic input by Amy Burkert, Kim Thomas, Peggy Frezon, Mary Haight, Maggie Marton and Shauna Stewart. As Maggie and Shauna moved onto other areas of life, Mel Freer, A.J. Postiglione, and Kristine Tonks joined the ranks to write weekly causes. A monthly newsletter, 4animals: Stories to Inspire, was published by Kim Clune and Peggy Frezon highlighting one special human exhibiting kindness toward animals and one animal exhibiting exceptional kindness toward humans.

By 2011, the BTC community had grown more than 12,000 supporters strong across Facebook and Twitter, and the work of each important member was duly recognized when was nominated Best Cause Blog for the Petties Award.

How We’ve Evolved

While weekly causes were retired, Kim Thomas had nurtured the growth of our Facebook and Twitter communities since 2011. Sharing actionable animal causes balanced with posts of triumphs, entertainment, and intriguing questions, by June of 2014 Kim has grown the BTC4A Facebook network to 12,500 followers and 9000+ on Twitter, while kindling narly 2000 followers on Google Plus and Pinterest.

In April of 2014, after launching and establishing her local dog rescue, Kim Clune reenvisioned a way to keep the BTC4A website relevant. Returning to direct from her temporary advisory position, she relaunched a new and simpler website in conjunction with BTC4A’s 4th birthday. Intruducing monthly animal action alerts, the team will now aggregate pressing news and issues while ensuring the continuation of well established Blog the Change events.

Where We are Headed

Remaining true to the BTC4A mission, the website will soon become an animal activism resource, adding a directory of organizations that often offer actions alerts costing nothing to support but a few moments of your time.

Welcome to Our Vision

Welcome to our vision, our contribution to Be the Change for Animals —  a movement with no leaders, no limits and all the possibility in the world. We hope you find it useful. Sincerely, Team BTC and the BTC community


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