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NRDC Polar Bear Photo

Keep Shell Out of the Arctic!

NRDC Polar Bear Photo

For years, the Shell oil company has been vying for the Polar Bear Seas off the northern coast of Alaska, including the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Now, the Obama Administration has given Shell a tentative go-ahead to begin drilling this summer.

Don’t stand by and watch this happen. Lend your voice through the NRDC to protect the fragile environment supporting polar bears, whales, seals and other coastal wildlife.


Act Now!

Write to Interior Secretary Salazar asking him to deny Shell their final drilling permits.


NRDC Animals


Why It Matters

In forceful, frigid waters and gale force winds, the risk of an Alaskan oil spill is high. Rig failure would devestate the Polar Bear Seas which are critical for survival of so much of our nation’s wildlife, from polar bears, whales and snow geese to fox, seals and and other marine wildlife.



Allowing Shell to drill in Alaska is not a risk worth taking. Too much is a stake. According to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Senior Attorney at the NRDC :

An oil spill is all but assured if the company moves forward with full-scale oil production. Even worse, the oil industry has no proven method for cleaning up oil in the Arctic’s ice-filled waters. So the death toll of oil-soaked and poisoned polar bears, whales and seals would be unimaginable.

Kennedy is not alone in his concern. Commandant Admiral Robert Papp of the US Coast Guard minces no words when he says:

The federal government has “zero” spill response capability in the Arctic.


While the NRDC is fighting in court to stop Shell from moving forward, we must mobilize a public outcry that the Obama Administration will be unable to ignore. If we don’t, we may suffer a national disaster the likes of what continues to exist in the Gulf. Animals and people are forever affected by this type of tragedy.


Stories from the Gulf: Living with the Oil Disaster

To learn how far reaching the impact of the Gulf’s spill was and still is, even after cleanup efforts which could never be performed in Alaska, watch the NRDC’s documentary and let us never forget.


We must not allow this to happen again.
Keep Shell out of the Arctic.
Speak out today. 

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  1. Sue Sorensen
    Sue Sorensen02-20-2012

    We can’t do anything without making a mess of it and at a cost much too dear to always recover from.

  2. Shelva wood
    Shelva wood02-20-2012

    This simply can not happen again!

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