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April 25: BTC Month in Review

Emmett, rescued from the streetsBTC’S FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Born on Facebook on May 24th (we grew into our website on June 28), Be the Change for Animals was designed to fan the flames of commitment and passion within an already existing movement, one aimed to improve the lives of animals in need.

Because a movement, by definition, is group action for social change, I asked Amy to join me in the creation of Together, we set our sights on the growth of a community-managed project. BTC now has cause scouts who identify where a specific need exists, writers who speak for vulnerable and voiceless animals, and social media folks who spread the word.

We have worked exceptionally hard to transform from a thin-air concept to a near 10,000 member, animal-loving collective, one that asks folks to help animals weekly by spending just a few moments and never a cent.  It’s time to breathe new life, excitement and creativity into this worthwhile mission. So, how do we grow from here?


Imagine yourself on the team for change, working with like-minded people to promote the often thankless work of animal organizations, influence political decisions to protect wildlife, and promote products that do good things for rescue. On June 28th, we’ll pass the BTC torch to one such innovative, dedicated and organized animal advocate. Then, on BTC’s second birthday, you can pass the torch once more.

Rest assured, we’re not blindly giving our baby away. Mid-May, we’ll provide a two-part application and outline the general tasks, minimal costs, and moderate time involved with managing BTC. Submissions will be accepted in early June. Want a head start? In no more than 1 single-spaced page, 11 point Times, tell us who you are, why you’ll make a terrific BTC teammate, and what skills you have to bring to the table. (Don’t send it now! Save it to submit with part 2 in June.)

This will be one heck of a party! And now back to your regularly scheduled program…

Blog the Change


Blog the Change for Animals is an educational event for the entire animal welfare community. On April 15th, 92 bloggers celebrated people who help animals and highlighted animals in need while countless readers lent their support to each one.

Many of you having been dedicated to this project from the start. Others are coming in new and strong. Humbled and deeply moved by your participation, we extend our most sincere gratitude on behalf of the animals.



Remember Tony the Truck Stop Tiger? He’s a 10-year-old Siberian-Bengal tiger who has spent every day and night of the last decade caged at the loud, fume-laden Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana. On April 11, 2011, ALDF filed a lawsuit against the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) and its secretary Robert Barham, arguing that he violated state law in granting the permit allowing Sandlin to exhibit Tony.  Tony has an open invitation to live at the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Let’s get him there by urging the state of Louisiana to revoke Sandlin’s permit.


A new dog fighting app has entered the marketplace for Google’s Android smartphones (a story first brought to light by BSL News). In less than 24 hours, a petition has gained over 4,500 signatures. Add your name to the growing list of people telling Google to remove this dog fighting app.



Make Mine Chocolate

Make Mine Chocolate™ is a campaign organized by the Columbus House Rabbit Society to educate about the realities of living with a rabbit, and to discourage giving live rabbits as Easter gifts.

The Leaping Bunny Program

The Leaping Bunny Program operates a strict standard that is backed up by audits to ensure its companies are not testing on animals during any stage of product development.  It also offers the Compassionate Shopping Guide, the most up-to-date list of cosmetic, personal care, and household product companies that are not engaged in animal testing.


If you’ve covered one of BtC4A’s featured causes, share your link in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or by using #BtC4A on Twitter. Nothing make us happier than promoting your efforts!


See you next week!

Kim and Amy

…and the whole BtC Team! never asks you to spend a cent, just a few minutes of your time.
It’s the greatest gift you can give.

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