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  • Take Action Now to Save the Polar Bear

    Five years ago polar bears were officially protected under the Endangered Species Act. This listing was a large victory for the Center of Biological Diversity, and the culmination of many years of work. Unfortunately, their original efforts were not enough. Polar bears are still dying. …

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  • Get Deadly Poison Off Store Shelves

    Did you know that anyone can walk into a store and pick up deadly rat poison right off the shelf? And that these poisons often end up accidentally sickening or killing wildlife, pets and even children? The Center for Biological Diversity is asking retailers to …

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  • Let’s Refocus Rattlesnake Round-Ups!

    Even if snakes unnerve you, smile and sign the petition anyway. The rattlesnake deserves a life of dignity, something that all beings deserve no matter how misunderstood we are.

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