Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando Resort

Tell Loews Universal Orlando to Keep TNR Program

Feral Cat - Photo: Ally Cat Allies

Photo: Ally Cat Allies

For the last five years, Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando Resort had unofficially allowed the operation of a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program to manage their feral cat population.  The cats were trapped, spayed/neutered and vaccinated, and then returned to a managed colony on the resort’s grounds. But last week, Loews announced it would stop the program for liability reasons.

Riverfront Cats has asked animal lovers to contact both Loews Hotels and Universal Orlando Resort and request that the program be reinstated.

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Why It Matters

Feral Cats - Photo: Ally Cat Allies

Photo: Ally Cat Allies

Known for its slogan “Loews Loves Pets”, the once pet-friendly hotel and animal lovers are at war. Loews Portofino Bay Hotel and Loews Royal Pacific Resort, located at Universal Orlando Resort, are at the center of this battle.

For years, Lowes employees followed the proven practice of TNR and reduced a large colony of feral cats down to a manageable number. Then suddenly, Loews management announced that all cats were to be removed and a pest control company was contracted to trap the cats.

TNR programs are the proven best practice to reduce the number of feral cats in a given area. This practice is advocated by hundreds of animal welfare groups across the country, including the ASPCA and Humane Society of the United States.

Disneyland Resort has had a successful TNR program for the past 25 years. Disneyland has set an example as a corporate giant, embracing the cats as an integral part of the park’s everyday operations. Disneyland’s TNR program proves that large, high-profile organizations and feral cat colonies can not only peacefully share the same property, but also strike up a mutually beneficial relationship that improves conditions for both parties.

Contact Loews Hotels and Universal Orlando Resort and ask them to reinstate their TNR program – the only proven solution for managing feral cat populations. Other contact information is available Riverfront Cats.


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