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November 29: BtC Monthly Review

Team BTC


Designed to assist with online animal advocacy, has grown a great deal since its inception. With growth comes the opportunity for further community involvement. That said, BtC’s own Kim Clune and Amy Burkert are thrilled to celebrate the addition of the following dedicated contributors, collectively known as Team BtC!

  • Maggie Marton – Staff Writer
  • Vicki Cook – Cause Scout
  • Shauna Stewart – Cause Scout
  • Mary Haight – Guest Contributor

You’ve already seen the work of Maggie, Vicky, Shauna and Mary, and you can learn more about them on our new Team BTC page!

Want to join the BTC family? New volunteer opportunities will be posted on the Team page in the new year.


Looking back to early October since shifting our review to the end of the month, we’ve got lots to tell you. Buckle yourself in and get ready for a wild ride…


This week, BTC featured Tony, a caged tiger pacing for 10 years at Louisiana’s Tiger Truck Stop amid inescapable diesel fumes, flood lights, engine noise and customers’ taunts. Although Big Cat Rescue offered Tony a naturalized refuge to peacefully live out his days, Tony’s owner prefers to exploit the tiger and won’t turn him over.

A Celebrity Boost

Ian Somerhalder

On November 25th, a deluge of readers flooded our site thanks to a single tweet from Ian Somerhalder. It read, “On thanksgiving I’m in a wonderful place but this big guy isn’t. Let’s help him! Not fair”

Ian, as his Twitter profile reads, was the “Dead guy on LOST now undead on The Vampire Diaries.” Drawing the attention of his 448,281 followers, more than 21,000 of them have read about Tony and more pour in hourly. We couldn’t be more grateful for the light Ian has shed on this issue.

Still Work to Be Done

While our page hits are impressive, only 1,445 of our visitors clicked the petition link and just 267 clicked through to write a letter. As you can see, even with high traffic, action lags behind. Frankly, we aren’t surprised. We rarely see a high percentage of follow-though at BtC for most causes, even when Twitter is on fire. We must take it upon ourselves to act and then spread the word, in that order.

Please, for Tony’s sake, sign the petition (closing Dec. 31). We’re just 2685 signatures away from the 15,000 goal. Fill out Big Cat Rescue’s simple form letter telling Louisiana Representatives to protect big cats from  private ownership by enforcing laws already in place. Do it now.

And a BIG, HUGE thank you to those who have already taken part! Make no mistake. These 1,445 signatures, although a small percentage of what had been possibile, are an amazing feat!

  • Bully Breed Rescue logoBULLY BREED RESCUE

Thanks to the message of Bully Breed Rescue, 160 of you took pity on the pitties and spread the word to debunk widespread pitty myths. You can continue to help spring these dogs from death row by sharing photos and uplifting stories of adoptable Pit Bulls with your social media crowd. As Mary Haight said in her guest post, “It’s just a quick minute to feature a dog a day.” Your Facebook post or a simple tweet could save a life, and may have already.

  • project dog logoPROJECT DOG

We love that Kira Stackhouse of Project DOG equates pure bred and rescue dogs by photographing and printing them side by side in her upcoming book. The search is still open until a purebred and rescue dog of each AKC breed is found  – so submit your dog’s story and photo to Project DOG and become a fan on Facebook!

Still needed are a Beacueron, Komondor, Kuvasz, Icelandic Sheepdog, Puli, Welsh Springer Spaniel, and Norfolk Terrier. Even if you don’t make the book, you’ll make the blog. 1325 dogs have been submitted so far and, while we aren’t sure how many were acquired via BtC, Project Dog has nearly doubled FB fans over the past 3 months and more than doubled followers on Twitter. Way to celebrate the value of rescues, everybody!

  • Amy with Ty and BusterOPERATION GIVE BIG DOGS A BREAK and have teamed up to encourage hotels to lift their weight restrictions on big dogs. After all, well-socialized behavior, not weight, should be the most important factor when inviting dogs into an establishment. Just like small dogs, big dogs are well-behaved too!

During OGBD’s featured week, 30 of you signed the petition bringing the grand total to 714 signatures. Let’s get this puppy over the top, meeting and exceeding that goal of 1,000! If you haven’t already, add your name today!


We asked, “Would you like to donate 5,000 pounds of quality pet food to shelters?” And you surely DID. All it took was reaching 5000 fans on K9Cuisine’s Facebook page. Honestly, we weren’t sure it could be done in such a short span of time, but you far exceeded our expectations.

Starting with less than 2225 fans in the final stretch of a month long campaign, you brought up the rear and tossed K9Cuisine over the 5000 mark in a single week. As a result, you sent 5000 pounds of food to Half Way Home in Collins, MO and Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary in northern California. K9Cuisine’s owner, Anthony Holloway, wrote about his gratitude for all who participated. It’s worth the read. You all did great work!

  • Darford's Plus One MovementDARFORD’S PLUS ONE MOVEMENT

You loved the idea of joining the Plus One Movement just by feeding your dog great quality food! Every Darford treat or food box comes with an individually wrapped meal of fresh Darford Zero/G Food for Dogs, at no additional cost. If you choose to donate that meal in the pet store’s Plus One hamper, a local rescue will use it to feed a dog desperately waiting to find a home.

Renee MacCleod, the Plus One Coordinator, had this to say about your engagement with this exciting campaign: “I would like to thank everyone for their support of the Plus One Movement … Your blog and tweets have been a huge success and we are really thankful over here.”

We can honestly say, we’re really thankful for Plus One over here too, Renee.

  • Operation Blankets of Love LogoOPERATION BLANKETS OF LOVE

Operation Blankets of Love goes back a ways, but it’s a favorite cause of ours. They just sent 3 new videos (totaling 3 minutes combined) highlighting their latest work: rescuing 100 animals at a hoarder’s desert location. We just had to share.

Blog the Change


Thank you for making October’s Blog  the Change for Animals a HUGE success! NINETY of you drew attention to important causes like:

To bloggers and non-bloggers alike, thank you for actively engaging by writing, reading, discussing and sharing so many change-making animal causes. Your collective efforts are a spectacular testament to the compassion and advocacy of this amazing community. We look forward to the next event on January 15th!


When you share BtC links, you build our community and make each consecutive cause more successful than the last. Thank you for encouraging more than 1,422 followers and 1057 fans to join us on Twitter and Facebook. We are ever grateful and humbled by this community’s enthusiasm. You are doing fantastic work together!

Until next month, we wish you all the best,

Kim and Amy never asks you to spend a cent, just a few minutes of your time.
It’s the greatest gift you can give.

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