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Japan dog (care of JEARS)Untold thousands of animals have been displaced since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan. Individual rescues and shelters are still struggling to provide the assistance so desperately needed to reunite these displaced animals with their families.

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Why It Matters

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Spectrum Labs, a veterinary allergy testing and treatment organization celebrating its 10-year relationship with the vet community in Japan, is raising money for Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS). JEARS is a collaboration of three Japan-based no-kill animal rescue non-profit organizations that are helping Japanese animals in crisis. On the ground, JEARS coordinates rescue and support efforts for animals in crisis due to the earthquake and tsunami.


A Personal Note from Spectrum

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We have been inspired by the acts of kindness, loyalty, and generosity of both people (and pets). One instance we heard about that exemplifies that is of Atsuko Oikawa, a resident of Ofunato, who was helping her mother-in-law into their car when the earthquake hit and their two beloved miniature dachshunds ran off toward the port and the killer wave.

She found Carlos, but Ghosn – the two are named after Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn – couldn”t be found despite frantic searching. As the wave approached, she reluctantly headed for the hills with her husband, but there was a hole in their hearts over the missing dog, she said.

A week later, however, in what she considers a near-miracle, they received word from the police that Ghosn had not only survived but was in good shape. He had been found far inland near a beach sign, and the Oikawas speculate that he may have ridden the wave in.

“Maybe he rode on it, a surfing dog, perhaps,” said Oikawa”s husband, Yuki. “We”re so incredibly happy to get him back.”

It is these kinds of stories that made us want to get involved, put our love of animals into action, and find a way of honoring our Japanese Veterinary Partners who are from these regions and out there in their communities saving lives every day, just as many of you do here in the U.S.

“We hope that our community of veterinarians and pet-parents will help us support JEARS extensive efforts to help animals and veterinary hospitals as they recover from the horrific disaster in Japan. Pets play a significant role in Japanese families, which we can all relate to,” said Lyndee Kelver, Domestic Marketing Manager for Spectrum Labs.

With the 3 simple clicks above, you can help reunite Japan’s lost dogs and cats with their families.


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