Take Action for Animals! Your August Alert is Here! #BTC4A

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Welcome to Take Action for Animals! Issue #1, your August alert!
Spend just a few moments and never a cent to make a difference for animals in need!


A Note from Our Founder…

Kim CluneMaking Change for Change

Be the Change for Animals, the website that we’ve come to know and love, darn well needed a face lift and, better yet, an attitude adjustment. It had grown lazy, tired, and eventually had no spark. Circulation to the blog extremities had grown stagnant long before I stepped away to found Dog House Adoptions. When I passed my caretaker torch to others, focus was already set on how to do less. Not more. Not New. Not different.

We need more. We need new. We need different. The prior lag is on us — on me, I feel — for not delivering what you need, for not keeping up with what you want. We had come a long way since our beautiful founding but we can do so much better. So, after launching my local rescue, I am 100% back and I’ve brought some of your favorite teammates back with me.

The Heart Beats!

Thankfully, BTC4A’s Facebook heart has continued to beat strong, comprised of 12,500+ of you amazing animal supporters. This comes thanks to the daily nurturing of Kim Thomas, writer of the blog CindyLu’s Muse. Her love for Be the Change for Animals runs as deep as my own (maybe deeper still) and stretches all the way back to 2011. Your engagement is why I know the lifeblood for this project still exists, and why our website needs cater to your insatiable thirst for more causes and less fuss.

Reinvesting Tough Love

Blog the Change asks us to identify how we help animals with the hope to inspire others. Here’s our list of accomplishments made since declaring, on April 15, that BTC4A needs a swift kick where it counts:

  • In honor our 4th birthday, BTC4A’s redesigned website now reflects our new, streamlined delivery of the same mission you’ve come to love and trust – free and easy ways to make a difference for animals in need.
  • You now get two compassionate animal perspectives in the same great Facebook space! Joining Kim Thomas as community liaison is the lovely, lively and already familiar teammate Kristine Tonks from Rescued Insanity. Welcome to your newest role, Kristine!
  • Blog the Change for Animals, our community blogging event, will continue quarterly, and with more oomph than ever. We’ve already increased July’s blogger engagement by 33.3%!
  • And, to the additional 5000 people who connected with us on Twitter this year, I have followed every single one of you back. Thanks for your patience.

The Biggest Change of All

We’ll set your inbox free while holding fast to our founding cornerstone, asking you to spend just a few moments and never a cent to help animals in need.

  • A monthly post replaces our weekly cause feature, collecting timely, free and easy actions you can cover in 10 minutes or less.
  • Now you can subscribe to just one animal activism blog. Ours. And you’ll still get the best content.
  • Read about inspiring change makers, human or animal, in ou same monthly mailing (much like our beloved 4animals Newsletter, for those who remember). Do you know an unsung hero whose story would inspire others?  Let us know! We’d be happy to interview them!

Thank you for sticking with us!

Kim Clune   Kim Thomas   Kristine Tonks and Shiva   AJ Postiglione

It’s time we do something new to stick by you, too. I’m proud to say that my re-organized team is as re-energized as I am and already working hard on behalf of animals. Together, we’ll make this happen for as long as you come along for the ride!

All our best,
Kim Clune and the BTC4A Resurrection Team
Kim Thomas, Kristine Tonks, and AJ Postiglione

Thank You for Making a Difference

Roasting chickens rescued from a toppled truck by Catskill Farm Sanctuary

Roasting chickens rescued from a toppled truck by Catskill Farm Sanctuary

The following stories can be difficult for animal lovers to read. But the animals in jeopardy have no voice. We must speak on behalf of them. To turn away leaves them in peril. Please, give a few minutes of your time once a month to offer up your dissent in the face of cruelty. Public pressure changes the tide.

On behalf of the sentient beings who cannot verbally say so themselves, we thank you.


From Change.org:

  • Help Justin keep his Police Partner Emmy at home with her family, where she belongs.
    Justin Miller resigned from the Damascus Police Department thinking that his partner Emmy, he dog who became part of his family, belonged to him. Due to a misunderstanding with his contract, the Town has informed him that she is still Town property and they will be auctioning her off to the highest bidder. “Mayor Jack McCrady has said publicly that they may not accept my bid even if I raise the money to bid on her.”

From Force Change:

From Oceana:

From The Center of Biological Diversity:

  • Tell the Aspen Art Museum to close the exhibit now.
    The Aspen Art Museum in Colorado is currently hosting a controversial exhibit featuring extremely rare tortoises with iPads attached directly to their shells. Endangered tortoises are rapidly disappearing in the wild precisely because of human exploitation, mostly from the pet trade. And using these rare turtles as art props now shows how little we know about what they need. Exploitation of endangered animals is never OK.
  • Halt Idaho Kill-fest for Wolves and Coyotes.
    A misnamed group called Idaho for Wildlife is asking the BLM for permission to use millions of acres of public land for a three-day “predator derby” this winter. Unbelievably, the BLM is actually considering the request.

From the Environmental Defense Fund:

  • Turn Down the Heat for Flying Squirrels
    The federal government is considering protecting these flying squirrels as an endangered species, reducing the dangers they face from forest habitat destruction and encouraging government action to fight climate change. If these amazing flying squirrels don’t get Endangered Species Act protection, global warming could push them out of their last mountain refuge.
  • Cast Your Vote for Michigan’s Wolves
    Decades of tireless work have helped Great Lakes wolves to survive. Reversing course now and allowing Michigan’s wolves to be shot, snared and trapped for sport simply doesn’t make sense — and we need your help to stop it. 
  • Give Kenai Brown Bears a True Refuge
    The isolated population of brown bears on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula is in trouble. Just last year alone, 18 percent of the adult female bears were killed. And this year, during the spring hunt, an additional 10 percent of the population was taken out. Urge the refuge to close its lands to brown bear hunting once more to give these bears a fighting chance at survival in their ancestral home.

Join our volunteer family of animal advocates!

We’re searching for people in the areas of Twitter, Pinterest, Intsagram, Tumblr and Google Plus.

If you’ve got mad social media skills and want to empower people to advocate for animals straight from you computer, just say the word. We’d love to talk with you!

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