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Up for Pups! by Kyla Duffy

We have all heard of the atrocities and tragedies of puppy mills, and yet thousands of animals are purchased each year from these facilities by people who do not know where their pet has come from. Using her special skills, Kyla Duffy has made it her mission to educate young people on the basics of puppy mills and how to avoid supporting these establishments by getting all the facts before bringing your next dog home.

Mill Dog Manifesto

Download the Free eBook!


  • Download your free eBook, Mill Dog Manifesto, from Kyla’s website and share the information you learn with your friends, family and coworkers.
  • Tell at least three people what puppy mills are, how they are related to pet shops, and how people can find dog at shelters and rescues.

Kyla’s goal is to have 500 downloads of the eBook by the end of the year. In addition, using her lifetime of acrobatic experience, Kyla has created her first presentation entitled “Up For Pups.” It incorporates aerial fabric (think “cirque”) with lecture to convey the emotional information about puppy mills and how we can all work together to put a stop to them. She hopes to perform the presentation for 5,000 people by May, 2011.

If you would like to have Kyla make her Up For Pups! presentation in your city, please contact her directly. She’s taking her show on the road!

A Note from Kyla:

Despite a lifetime of acrobatic experience, I struggled to figure out how I could best use my talents to convey the messages about dog breeding that I feel everyone should know:

1. Dogs (and cats) are companion animals and should be treated as such (proper housing, vet care, socialization, etc.).
2. By passing federal legislation to prevent the sale of companion animals at pet shops we can decrease the amount of dogs suffering in puppy mills significantly.
3. Older dogs, even those who have literally “been through the mill,” are great companions and worthy of adoption.
4. Adopting a purebred dog is as easy as adopting a mutt, and many rescues have puppies available.
5. If you absolutely feel you want to go through a breeder to get your next puppy, you should first educate yourself on how to identify a good breeder to ensure you’re getting a happy, healthy puppy.
Everyone should be aware of these basic ideas whether they are considering a puppy or not. Animal neglect and cruelty affects all of us, not only because it is our moral obligation to protect those who cannot protect themselves, but because animal cruelty is often associated with human abuse, and for the safety of society we must identify those who may harm humans.

We never ask you to spend a cent, just a few minutes of your time. It’s the greatest gift you can give.

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Kim CluneKim Clune co-founded Be the Change for Animals in May of 2010 to coalesce the online community of enthusiastic animal advocates. Acting locally, Kim co-founded Dog House Adoptions to serve stray dogs and often heal people of New York’s Capital Region through the bond of unconditional love. She also celebrates many special human/animal connections through her personal blog, This One Wild Life, writing, photographing and sharing videos since 2009.View all posts by Kim Clune →

  1. HappyTailsBooks

    Thank you for posting about our sister Up For Pups! project. This presentation is a tall order, but I’m doing my best to put together a show that is fun and exciting (to grab people’s attention) and informative (to compel them to think hard about where their next pet comes from). I’m happy to answer any questions people might have or help them book the show in their town. Anyone got an RV I could borrow? :)

  2. Peggy

    Excellent idea to bring the message to young people. Throughout both my kids’ years of education (now in college), they never had a lesson or presentation on puppy mills. This is a great place to educate kids and you can be sure they’ll educate their parents! Good luck, Kyla, on your tour. I hope you come to Albany NY!

  3. blogdog

    Please — I urge you to read this bill before trumpeting its “virtues.” It states that anyone who owns only one intact bitch will be treated like a criminal or a bad breeder. If it is signed into law, then any sport (such as dog shows) that require your dogs to be intact will be effectively legislated out of existence. The only breeders who can afford to get around this legislation are the very puppy mills you abhor.

    For the sake of those of us who are responsible, caring, thoughtful breeders who watch out for our puppies from their first breaths until they cross the Rainbow Bridge, do NOT support this bill.

    • admin

      While I understand your concern, I think you have mistaken Kayla’s “Up with Pups!” program with the PUPS legislation. Kyla’s eBook is an impressive teaching tool for school children and adults alike. That Kyla uses her aerial act to capture the attention of those she wishes to teach is both creative and commendable. If you take a second look, you just might agree!

  4. Maggie

    Just downloaded my copy! Education is vitally important. I can’t wait to read the book, and I’m confident it’ll be so helpful when Emmett and I are working with kids at all of our outreach events!